The Whites MX7 Metal Detector: A Review of Its Features, Benefits, and Performance

Whites MX7 Metal Detector Review: A Versatile and Powerful Machine for Different Types of Hunting

Whites MX7 is a versatile and powerful metal detector that can handle different types of hunting scenarios. Whether you are looking for coins, jewelry, relics, or gold nuggets, the MX7 can deliver excellent performance and depth. In this article, we will review some of the features and benefits of the Whites MX7.

The Whites MX7 is a 13.9 kHz VLF metal detector that has six adjustable hunt programs: Coin and Jewelry, Beach, Relic, Prospecting, High Trash, and All Metal. Each program has its own settings and options that can be customized to suit your preferences and conditions. You can also save your settings for each program and switch between them easily.

The Whites MX7 offers six preset search modes, each tailored for specific applications:

  • Coin & Jewelry: Ideal for uncovering coins, jewelry, and other small objects.
  • All-Metal: Detects all types of metals, making it suitable for general prospecting.
  • Beach: Optimized for use in sandy environments, minimizing interference from saltwater.
  • Prospecting: Designed for detecting gold nuggets and other small precious metal objects.
  • Relic: Tailored for identifying relics and historical artifacts.
  • High Trash: Effectively eliminates trash targets, focusing on valuable finds.
whites mx7

One of the main advantages of the MX7 is its fast recovery speed, which allows it to pick out good targets among trash and iron. The MX7 also has a Reject Volume feature, which lets you adjust the volume of the rejected targets from silent to loud. This can help you filter out unwanted signals and focus on the deeper and more valuable targets.

The Whites MX7 has a large and clear display that shows the target ID, depth, battery level, and other information. The MX7 also has a Tone ID feature, which gives you different tones for different types of targets. You can choose from 1, 2, 4, 8, or 20 tones, depending on how much detail you want to hear. The MX7 also has a backlight that can be turned on or off, depending on the lighting conditions.

The Whites MX7 is designed to be water-resistant, meaning that it can be used in light rain and shallow water. However, it is not fully waterproof, so you should not submerge it in water. The MX7 comes with a 9.5-inch concentric waterproof coil, which is suitable for most types of hunting. You can also use other coils from the MX Sport series, which are sold separately.

The Whites MX7 is very lightweight and balanced, weighing only 3.5 lbs. It has an adjustable 3-piece rod and an adjustable armrest with a strap. The MX7 is powered by 8 AA batteries, which can last for about 20 hours of use. The MX7 also has a headphone jack and a speaker, so you can choose how you want to listen to the signals.

The Whites MX7 has received many positive reviews from users who have tried it. Some of the common praises are:

  • very sensitive and deep, especially for small gold targets.
  • easy to use and has a simple interface and menu system.
  • very stable and quiet, even in high mineralization and EMI.
  • has a great discrimination and target ID, which are accurate and consistent.
  • very comfortable and ergonomic, and does not cause fatigue.

Some of the common criticisms are:

  • coil is a bit fragile and prone to damage, so a coil cover is recommended.
  • does not have a ground balance knob, so you have to use the menu to adjust it.
  • does not have a manual frequency shift, so you have to use the frequency offset option to avoid interference with other detectors.

Additional Features

The MX7 comes equipped with a durable 9.5-inch concentric search coil, offering a balance of depth and sensitivity. The detector also includes a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, providing extended use in the field.

It has many features and options that can be customized to suit your needs and preferences. It is also very lightweight and comfortable to use. The MX7 is priced at $549, which is a reasonable price for its performance and quality.

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Overall Assessment

The White’s MX7 metal detector stands out as a well-rounded and versatile machine, suitable for a wide range of applications. Its user-friendly interface, impressive depth, and target ID capabilities make it a popular choice among both novice and experienced metal detectorists. If you’re seeking a reliable and powerful metal detector that can handle various terrains and uncover hidden treasures, the White’s MX7 is an excellent option to consider.

whites mx7

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